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Giving Yourself Grace

My last race before this year’s Boston Marathon didn’t go as well as I had hoped. While I was disappointed to not have run as well as I had planned I realize that half marathon fitness is very different than marathon fitness and that for a variety of reasons I was not as fresh and […]

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Running with Music?

Without a doubt, music can add a lot to a run. Music has the power to draw extra energy out and can make a long run fly by. I have, at times, used my shuffle on every run, but I have also gone the purist route and not listened to music on any of my […]

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Running Books and Movies that Inspire Me

From Running With Joy: My all-time favorite running movie is Chariots of Fire. When I was first getting into running, my dad rented it for our Friday movie night. I was quickly asleep. I think it was a year or so before I had the patience to watch it all the way through, but once […]

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