Running Books and Movies that Inspire Me

From Running With Joy:

My all-time favorite running movie is Chariots of Fire. When I was first getting into running, my dad rented it for our Friday movie night. I was quickly asleep. I think it was a year or so before I had the patience to watch it all the way through, but once I was old enough to be content with a good story and not simply action and drama, I was hooked. I watched Chariots of Fire before nearly every race in high school.

I also enjoyed both of the Prefontaine movies. However, though these movies were inspiring, at the time they contributed to my stubborn refusal to move up to distances longer than the mile. Like Pre, I wasn’t about to let anyone tell me I wasn’t fast enough.

I have enjoyed reading many great running books. The Eric Liddell story in Pure Gold is a great read. I also enjoyed The Greatest: The Haile Gebrselassie Story. Some of his workouts in this book will blow your mind. Other great reads I have enjoyed include Paula: My Story So Far, In Quest of Gold: The Jim Ryun Story, Born to Run, Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel and The 50 Greatest Marathon Races of All Time.

However, I still feel that the best book for a runner to read is the Bible. The principles of the Bible are designed to set us completely free in every area of life, and that can help us unlock maximum human potential.

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