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Favorite Runners and Inspiring Heroes

Excerpted from Running with Joy: My favorite runner is my wife, Sara! In high school, I admired Sara for her amazing running ability. But at the Footlocker National Regional Meet in our junior year, I saw the heart behind the athlete. Sara had been a phenom since she was a freshman in high school (she […]

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My Coach

My Coach… The other day I was out on a run thinking about how great my Coach is, so I decided to write about Him. My coach goes on every training run with me, not only that, but He races right alongside me. He is constantly giving me encouragement as I go and giving me […]

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The Next Chapter

Well, its been almost two weeks since the 2011 edition of the Boston Marathon and I am still internally celebrating all that God did on that day. He was figuratively and literally the wind at my back. I had been praying for such favorable conditions in Boston for years and it finally happened. When I […]

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Re-visiting lessons learned

I’ll be the first to admit the title of this last blog before I compete in the Boston marathon could be taken the wrong way. I was reading this morning in 1 Corinthians and I stumbled across three words that I had read over before but today, for some reason, caught my attention in particular: […]

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Training Tip: Energy Food

Excerpted from Running With Joy: Many people run to lose weight, but I maintain a delicate balance of staying lean while still fueling myself well. I often remind myself when I am training hard that yesterday’s energy in equals today’s energy out. The body can absorb only so much in one sitting. I eat often […]

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