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My Daily Joy

Every morning when I get up I have a choice: where am I going to attempt to get my joy from?  The other day as I was preparing for a hard tempo run I was preparing my spirit by listening to when a song played singing “all my delight is in You.”  These words […]

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Introducing Friday Giveaways!

Sometimes getting the mail is a lot more fun than others. Yesterday, when I heard the doorbell ring and picked up the box containing my books to begin giving out to friends and family I was really stoked. Ever since I finished the book I have been looking forward to sharing my journey to the […]

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Training Tip: Alternating Fast and Slow Days

Excerpted from Running With Joy: “Most runners run too easy on their fast days and too hard on their slow days. The basic principle of running is to break your muscles down on the workout days and then allow them to rebuild on the easy days. Take your easy days seriously and allow your body […]

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Don’t Try Harder, Bring Jesus

The other day I was out doing a workout on one of my favorite paths here near Stanford called Sawyer Camp. Sawyer Camp is a lightening-fast path that I have spent the last decade running grueling tempo runs on. I recorded a workout I ran here in “Running with Joy” during my buildup for the […]

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Running With Joy by Ryan Hall

Last year I underwent a life transforming journey. After finishing a disappointing 4th place at the 2009 ING New York City Marathon I knew that something in my heart had to change. I wasn’t tired from the intense 100-plus miles a week of training I was logging in my preparation, I was tired of being […]

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