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How It All Started

Excerpted from Running with Joy: I have always been a dreamer. My siblings and I all played some kind of sport growing up. My dad pitched for Pepperdine University and was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. As a kid, I wanted to follow in his footsteps—my dream was to be a pitcher in the major […]

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Who is The Greatest Runner of All-time?

This morning, while enjoying my breakfast, I was reading Luke and came across the passage telling the story of the disciples of Jesus getting in an argument about which one of them is the greatest. In response to their argument Jesus brings a child before them and tells them that the one who is least […]

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Training Tip: Hills and Flats

Excerpted from Running With Joy: I love to climb! Hill running is a great way to build strength and knee drive without zapping your body. Because of the low impact and slow speed, I can come back a few days after a hill run and do a hard long run. The hills provide many of […]

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Favorite Runners and Inspiring Heroes

Excerpted from Running with Joy: My favorite runner is my wife, Sara! In high school, I admired Sara for her amazing running ability. But at the Footlocker National Regional Meet in our junior year, I saw the heart behind the athlete. Sara had been a phenom since she was a freshman in high school (she […]

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My Coach

My Coach… The other day I was out on a run thinking about how great my Coach is, so I decided to write about Him. My coach goes on every training run with me, not only that, but He races right alongside me. He is constantly giving me encouragement as I go and giving me […]

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