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Just as Sweet as Winning

Excerpted from Running With Joy: People often ask me about the message I want to bring to the running community and the world. My message is not that if you dream, live a focused life, and completely devote yourself to becoming the best runner in the world, it will happen. That message is simply not […]

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My Daily Joy

Every morning when I get up I have a choice: where am I going to attempt to get my joy from?  The other day as I was preparing for a hard tempo run I was preparing my spirit by listening to when a song played singing “all my delight is in You.”  These words […]

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Introducing Friday Giveaways!

Sometimes getting the mail is a lot more fun than others. Yesterday, when I heard the doorbell ring and picked up the box containing my books to begin giving out to friends and family I was really stoked. Ever since I finished the book I have been looking forward to sharing my journey to the […]

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Don’t Try Harder, Bring Jesus

The other day I was out doing a workout on one of my favorite paths here near Stanford called Sawyer Camp. Sawyer Camp is a lightening-fast path that I have spent the last decade running grueling tempo runs on. I recorded a workout I ran here in “Running with Joy” during my buildup for the […]

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